How to get Your Best Grades In High School

High School is hard.  There are so many things to juggle.  The social aspect of high school is complicated to say the least.  Just yesterday, some high school girls in my car were discussing how hard it is to not know who your friends are.  It is difficult to know who is a true friend or just a "to your face friend."  That is a different conversation.  Excelling academically in high school is challenging.  I've put together some tips that are simple to do and will give you great benefits if you do them.

I want to encourage you to give it your best shot this year.  You have an incredibly bright future ahead.   

1. Get to know your teachers!  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  

Take time to introduce yourself and get to know your teachers. This will impact your grade in a positive way.

2. Get a Plan!  Make sure you have a planner.  Record test dates for the entire semester and assign study hours for when you will study for each test.  In addition, plan study hours for each week to study.  If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.  You have to be proactive about your study times.  

3. Flashcards are your friend!  The human mind is amazing.  Using flashcards incorporates three different ways of gaining information.  When you WRITE the information on the flashcard, it helps you remember it, then you SEE  the information on the card and then you SPEAK the information as you quiz yourself with the flashcards.  Remember, flashcards are your friend!  I really like the small flashcards that have a spiral attached to the top.  Stock up on these.

4. Every time you say YES to something, your are saying NO to something else.  Make your YES count. Discipline buys freedom.  Once you have taken the time to study and get your homework done, only then have you earned your free time.  Make sure you are in charge of your schedule and what you spend your time on.

5. Sit in the front of the class if possible.  This helps force you into paying attention.  Just a personal trick I had to learn on my own.  

You are going to have a fabulous year!