Our Services

We offer services that meet the needs of each student. You can choose from personal one on one coaching that will allow you to have a personalized plan for the process or choose from select services on an a la carte basis. Our services are designed to educate, inspire and empower students to reach their full potential as well as their college destinations. We are intentional in helping students know the value they hold and inspiring them towards the exciting future ahead of them.



Our personalized plan of action with each student is a service that exceptional and second to none. We walk the student through valuable steps of the college admissions process while instilling confidence and critical communication skills that are valuable for success in the process, college and life. Each student is given a personalized road map. We invest in the lives of these young people and mentor them as they transition into the next exciting phase of life. 



Our students have found hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist in paying for their education. $34 Million dollars are given away each year to students. We can help you identify ways to help pay for school as well as help you find scholarships that will help ease the financial burden of paying for college



We work with students in the USA as well as International students to help place them in the perfect boarding school or day school for their specific needs.

Boarding schools offer fabulous opportunities. Often, they have small classes, inviting communities where every student can find a place to call their own,teachers who build relationships with the students and a wide range of extracurricular activities with professionals teaching their expertise. The right boarding school can help students thrive in ways never IMAGINED.

Navigating the boarding school admissions cycle can be overwhelming but we are here to help. We have made the effort to become very acquainted with schools in the US as well as in Europe. It often takes a team to help the student find the perfect environment where they will thrive. We would love to join you as a part of the team finding the perfect educational fit for each student!

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Brand-You: College and Career Coaching

For the current college student and young adult, we have an exciting program to give you a competitive edge when it comes to finding your first job. Our successful program focuses on finding internships, interview techniques, interpersonal skills, resume building, a social strategy as well as building your LinkedIn profile and making valuable connections.