Going back to College .... The inexpensive way

I’ve been excited to write this post. It will be helpful for anyone wanting to start college or go back to college but thinks they can’t afford it. I have exciting news just for you.

Have you been in the work force / Corporate World but didn’t get your degree or finish the one you started? Are you looking to get your Masters without breaking the bank or spending years doing it?

There are exciting options for you to consider. There are several schools / Universities that will give you college credit for your work experience. This is an excellent idea for adults who have been working and want to go back to school. You can earn up to 75 college hours for work experience. That is over half of the hours needed for a Bachelors degree.

Each of the schools below offer options for you to consider:

  1. Colorado Christian University - I happen to be able to personally recommend this option. I chose to go back to school online to earn additional degrees with CCU.

  2. Midway University

  3. University of Maryland

  4. Wilmington University

  5. University of Phoenix

  6. Colorado State University Global

  7. Eastern Kentucky

  8. Walden College

While this is not a comprehensive list of schools who offer life / work experience credit, it is certainly a great place to start looking.

In addition, I’d like to recommend another option that can be used separately or in conjunction with the above programs.

There are a couple of sources that allow you to take college courses and gain credit that will possibly transfer to the school of your choice. For example, Colorado Christian partners with Straighterline.

  1. Straighterline is a great option if you want to finish courses quickly and inexpensively. ($159) Make sure to know if they will transfer to the school of your choice.

  2. Study.com is a similar option to consider.

Whatever your stage of life, going to school for the first time or going back to school is an exciting option to consider. I hope you find these resources helpful.

Sherri Morrison Graf

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