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As a team of Independent Educational Consultants, one of our favorite parts of our work is getting to visit universities and schools across the nation. Our clients are important to us and we don’t take our work lightly. We pride ourselves in encouraging our students and families in education and helping them find the right educational opportunities that fit the individual needs of each situation.

Recently, our team had the chance to travel to Long Island to visit a quaint little jewel in St. James, New York. This school, The Knox School, was a pleasant surprise. We had previously met the admissions counselor, Anna DeRosa, who inspired us with her magnetic personality. She invited us to attend the beautiful school and promised that we would love it. She was not exaggerating. The school was filled with charm, laughter of students, the beauty of horses and rich history.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Knox is the fact that it truly does feel like a family. Several of the staff are former students. They interact with the students on a very personal level and invest in the lives of these young people. You can see the connection in the faces of the students.

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The school offers many programs to help enrich the education and social aspects of the students. Among those are sports, visual and performing arts including photography, a dark room, ceramics and theatre. In addition, the school offers an award winning equestrian program.

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The campus is a peaceful refuge offering 40 acres of green lush beauty beside the water. The students have a relaxing “home” environment everywhere they look.

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I have a great respect for the staff and work that Anna DeRosa are doing at The Knox School. I highly recommend you go take a look for yourself, tour the facilities, meet the inviting staff and most importantly, get to know the students on campus. You will be pleasantly surprised.

If you are searching for educational opportunities for your student give us a call. We can help you and your student find the path that leads to the best destination for you. We help place students in schools across the nation as well as assist in the college admissions process. Contact us, you’ll be glad you did.

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Sherri Graf

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