Haven't applied to college yet?
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If you are a senior in the spring and hoping to attend college in the fall, you still have time!

Many schools have late application deadlines and / or rolling admissions. Many students hesitate to apply because they fear rejection or don't yet see a bright future for themselves. I see it everyday.  The truth is there is a place for everyone, that means YOU!

Where to start?

College Board has an excellent resource that you can use to see which schools in America have upcoming deadlines.  College Board’s Big Future college search engine , select your preferences for size, location, majors, etc. At any point, click on “See Results.” Once results appear, go to the dropdown box labeled “Alphabetical," click on “Application Deadline,” and specify “Ascending.” Click on “Sort” and a complete list of colleges reflecting your preferences will appear according deadline.Schools with “no deadline” are listed at the end.

Here is a different approach for schools with rolling admission, you can see them here: 


In addition to the ideas above, I think it is always a good idea to send an email to the admissions counselors at your school of interest. You can ask questions, get information, build a connection and possibly even make a new friend through the interaction.

We are available to help with any questions you may have. Shoot us your questions on our Contact Us page 

The Imagine College Coaching Team