New Year, New You! 2019

2019 New Year, New You!

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I just love new starts! It so refreshing to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. I am more than happy to see 2018 go. I lost loved ones and grew in ways I never though imaginable. I am thankful to be on the other side of 2018 and no one was happier to see the calendar flip to 2019 than me. While I am excited about 2019, I recognize the challenges that will come and anticipate the blessings that will come as well.

I want to encourage you, the student or parent to take a moment to reflect on what is really important to you this year. Take the time to incorporate the things that really matter into your life rather than just the urgent things. Maybe you are the student who is finishing your last semester of high school, eager to embark on the next season of life. Or, maybe you are the parent, like me, who is about to watch another one fly from the nest. Though this will be my 3rd to fly, it never gets any easier. The loss is still the same. The sting of her absence will be real but the joy of watching her emerge into adulthood will overpower any sadness I feel.

Whatever your season, embrace it with a smile and look for the positives. Be the person you always wanted to be. Find the friends you’ve always wanted to have. Be the reason someone else smiles.

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