The Door to your future..........Boarding School, Day School, Public School or Private School????
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Boarding School, Day School, Public School or Private School? That is the million dollar question.

The answer to the question above is a very personal one. Each student is unique and each student needs a different atmosphere to thrive. I’m at a conference this week where I have the opportunity to meet with the leaders of boarding schools across the nation. I am excited to have had the chance to learn about many wonderful options to offer to our students.

There are boarding schools to meet every need. There are amazing places that will make each student, regardless of their unique needs, situation and circumstances, feel right at home.

I wanted to highlight a few of the amazing schools and people I’ve met this week to give you the opportunity to learn more about these opportunities for education.

  1. To start off our list of exciting schools, I want to highlight Whittle School. They are a new school that will be opening in 30 locations. The first schools will open in September of 2019 in both Washington, DC as well as Shenzhen, China. The unique thing about this school is they offer Project Based Learning for age 3- Grade 12. In addition, they have unique studio programs offered in the summer for both teens as well as adults. I recommend taking a closer look at this up and coming learning option.

  2. For our Jewish Friends, I recommend taking a closer look at American Hebrew Academy. I had a delightful conversation with Barbara Boyette, the director of admissions. They are a unique boarding school with a warm and friendly feel. They have a strong STEAM program. Science / Technology/ Engineering/ Arts/ Math They also have a robotics team and a Plant, Science Ecology lab where they grow their own food.

  3. Next on the list is Brehm Preparatory School and Options Transitions to Independence. They are known for advancing students with learning challenges to independence and confidence. Brian and Char were warm and inviting to visit with. If you are a student with learning challenges, I highly recommend reaching out to learn more about Brehm.

  4. Cushing Academy is a co-ed school that also offers a Post Graduate Program. They are 1 hour from Boston, have an excellent Arts program including a unique metal arts program. They offer an individualized learning profile and they are a top notch school that has been in existence since 1865. They are a well oiled machine and a delight to get to know. Meeting Deb Gustafson was one of the highlights of my day.

  5. Next on the list is Buxton School. The slogan of this school is LIVE YOUR EDUCATION. This little jewel is in MA and definitely worth a look.

  6. Cardigan Mountain School in NH also caught my attention. This is a boarding and day school for young men grades 6-9.

  7. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is a school for young women grades 5-12. They offer boarding for grades 9-12. Their motto is “Women who Can!” Located in Seattle, this school deserves a look if you have a young lady in this age range.

  8. The next school on the list is one that made me smile. It is a boarding / day school for young men 4-9th grades. The thing that made me smile is the intentional scheduling of plenty of outdoor / recess time for the boys to play and explore. They have over 160 acres for the boys to run and play on. This seems to be a priority. I’m a firm believer that children will learn better if given the opportunity to sit less. This school shares this belief. Take a look. Hillside School.

  9. The next school caught my attention first for location, location, location. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting an education in Honolulu, HI? ‘Iolani School offers more than 90 clubs, 20 sports and 32 performing groups. They are for the highly motivated student grades 9-12.

  10. Maplebrook School is a school for students with complex learning issues. These students have the opportunity for standard learning as well as independent living skills. I was impresses with the care that the faculty have for these students and consider it a primary choice when looking for options for students with learning challenges.

  11. Rectory School in CT has an average class size of 12. They offer a junior boarding school as well as day school. I had the chance to meet with Lesley Gibbs who was a delight to visit with. Her enthusiasm for the students on campus and the programs offered was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend you take a look at this one.

  12. Next up is St. Johnsbury Academy. This school was a pleasant surprise for me. I was impressed with David Baker who represented his school so well with great exuberance for the environment the students get to be a part of. He is the alumni of the school as well. This school has been around for 175 years and offers an excellent education for many and also allows the students to run a working restaurant on main street in town.

  13. For those looking for an adventure, I recommend checking out the TASIS Schools. The American School in Switzerland and England. This school offers amazing experiences abroad as well as summer programs for students.

  14. Wasatch Academy also made a positive impression on me. They are founded on the concepts of kindness, dignity and respect. These concepts provide a very positive learning environment for students. Rebecca Nied was such an encouraging person to meet with. If she is anything like the school she represents, they must all be brightly shining stars.

  15. Subiaco Academy was a shining star among the schools I got to interact with. I met with Dr. David Wright who is the headmaster. I can’t express enough how much I loved his philosophy as head of school. His vision for developing leaders on his campus is 2nd to none. This school is so unique that I highly recommend you take a look for yourself. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There are monks living on campus that make and sell their own hot sauce called “Monk Sauce”. The Christian faith is encouraged and nurtured here.

  16. Last but certainly not least on this list is Bridgton Academy in ME. This is a program for students who have graduated from high school and desire a program that is age appropriate before transitioning into college or career. The options here are exciting to say the least and a fabulous option for a Post Graduate Student.

I hope you find this list helpful. As always, our team at IMAGINE COLLEGE COACHING is available and delighted to help you with educational choices and decisions. Contact us today.