They Chose Me / They Chose Me Not!
They Chose Me!

This time of year is bittersweet.  Seniors everywhere are eagerly awaiting by the mailbox each day.  Funny, a mail box in my day meant a physical mail box or a slot in the apartment door where mail magically appeared each day. Today, mailbox can be both physical and digital.  Either way, high school seniors are by any mailbox they can find, eagerly awaiting acceptance to the schools of choice.  There is often a significant amount of anxiety associated with this "waiting."  I thought it might be helpful to some to hear my perspective on it.  

I work with the most amazing kids across the country each year.  I help them through the application process, edit the essays, encourage them and guide them through each step of the college admissions process.  Somewhere in those meetings, I get genuine glimpses into this generation.  I get to truly "see" how amazing these kids are.  I am here to tell you...I have hope in our future because of the incredible character I see in these students.  

No, not all students have figured out all the answers yet, then again, most adults haven't either.  I remind these students that their past does not dictate their future.  I remind them that they can be anything they want to be and help them find their strengths and realize their potential.  

As I see the acceptances come in, I delight with them.  When the rejection letters come, I remind them.... THEY ARE NOT REJECTING YOU AS A PERSON.  You see, these teens don't always recognize that.  It feels very personal to them.  

Students, I want to remind you that universities are rejecting your performance on a test score.  Your test scores do not define you.  They may be rejecting you for various other reasons, but none of those reasons define you.  Your choices each day, the character of who you really are, the kindness you show to others, the way you keep going when you want to give up, the way you forgive those who have hurt you, these are the things that define you!

I've seen it many times, doors open and close for a reason.  Some call it fate.  No matter what comes in the mailbox, you are valuable and you have a bright future ahead!  I'm sure of it!

Sherri Graf / Imagine College Coaching / My Personal College Coach