What I wish I had known
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by Kelly Brigmon- My Personal College Coach / Imagine College Coaching

Yes, it’s been about 20 years since I graduated from college; but I can remember everything ( HONESTLY), like it was yesterday.  My dorm room, how I decorated it ( it was hideous now that I look back on it- LOL), the week I went through rush,  the people that became my best friends, the parties and football games that I went to.  I can see it all like it was  yesterday.  But I can also see the decisions I made during my four years in college that I would have done DIFFERENTLY.  I, ( personally), wouldn’t have had a serious, serious boyfriend for my four years of college.  I missed out on a lot of girl time being a “girlfriend” all those years, ( and for the record, I didn’t even marry him!).  I would have stayed at the school that I started my college career at, ( I transferred my junior year), and I definitely would have picked a different major that would have given me more opportunities. I tell my kids these things all the time ( and they roll their eyes at me), but I wish I had been able to deem some knowledge from people who had been there so that maybe I would have done a few things differently!  

So, it’s your lucky day! If you are reading this blog, you are going to get some insight into things that several successful college grads, some with law degrees, some in medicine, and some with their masters, claim they would go back to redo if they had a "do over".  Hopefully these tips will help you as you move forward on your college journey!

“ I would have gotten a degree that was easier and more employable after I graduated”.- Caroline
“ I would have lived ON campus my first year.  I was the only one who went away to college in another area…..”- Br

“ I would have taken more time to explore! More time to explore different majors and their career options, do internships, and more time to explore all the things campus life had to offer. AP credit let me finish in three years and I regret leaving early”- Cherie
“ TAKE THE SUMMER AFTER GRADUATION OFF. Period.  I started working my first job days after graduation, and always regretted it.  You won’t ever have a time in your life again like that to travel freely, take a brain break, or seriously figure out what you want to do/be.  Starting work that soon was something I would never do again.”- Kelly
“ Gone away to college.  I grew up in a college town, and I didn’t ever really “leave the nest”.  I went home to do laundry, have meals, and hang out.  Being that close to home never “forced” me to grow up, so when I graduated, it was pretty overwhelming.  Go somewhere new.  Meet new friends.  Experience new things.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”- Lynn

“ Don’t blow down fast food after a night of being out!!! Avoid the freshman 15!!! It’s so easy to put on, and SOO hard to take off. Eat healthy and exercise!”- Jen
“ Be involved.  Live on campus.  Choose an activity, club, group to be involved in.  You get a completely different college experience when you are involved and make a group of friends you belong to than when you live off campus and don’t try to get involved.” - Jake
“ Think through your actions.  Choose to start off your college experience with a good reputation.  Once you have a reputation, it sticks; good or bad”.- Nicole
“ We’re not in Kansas, anymore ya’ ll !!!!! This isn’t high school.  Develop good study habits, and STUDY.  You can’t cliff note it through college”. Lauren
“ Don’t try to take too many hours in a semester.  It will only backfire on you.  You can’t possibly give your best effort to more than 15 hours a semester.”- Ben
“ I knew my senior year when I started doing clinical that I didn’t want to be a dietician. In hindsight I should have explored something else, instead of waiting till I was 40 to go back to school.  I loved living on campus and being a resident advisor.  I also loved Texas A&M.”- Amy
“ Study Abroad.  If I could go back, I would have definitely studied abroad. My friends that did study abroad said it was one of their best memories. EVER.”- Taylor
“ It’s only four years of your life, but an important four years.  No matter what cards you are dealt, make the best of it.  Have follow through.  Don’t give up.  You will always look back and wish you hadn’t”.- Carter
“ Don’t schedule early classes.  This is the only time in your life you can sleep in till noon. Seriously.  After college you’ll have a job, and then kids that wake you up early.  Wish I would have slept in more!”- Hannah
“ Make an effort to meet new people.  I hung out with my high school friends all through college, and never tried to meet anyone new.  I really regret it.  You only get the opportunity to be in a place with that many people your age one time”. - Courtney

This most important tip I can give you though, that hasn’t changed in 20 years is-Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to shine. You are awesome just the way you are. 

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