Tackling the College Admissions Process

Most of the high school seniors I know are starting to feel a little anxiety around the college application process.  Their parents are feeling it too!

Here are some helpful tips.

1. How do you eat an elephant?  Answer: One bite at a time!  This is the key to the college admissions process.  One step at a time!  I know the task seems overwhelmingly huge.  I know you may not start to tackle it because it seems exhausting.  Break the process down into small steps that you can conquer.  You will gain confidence with each step of the process. Let me reassure you....YOU CAN DO THIS!

Have a plan of how to organize each step of the process.  You can choose a digital plan or a file system.  Either way, you can get results.  Find what works best for you.  Make folders or files for .....
Test Scores
The key is to make the process personal to YOU.  

3. Reach out and make friends.   Learning to Network with the professors, admissions counselors and faculty is a great way to learn more about the programs and personality of each of the schools you are interested in.  

4.  Don't give up!  You can do this!  There is a bright future for everyone and a place to help nurture and grow you both academically as well as socially.  

If you are high school senior, planning to go to college next fall, then don't procrastinate any longer.  You can do this!  We have consultants who can help you.... Contact us today.  Check out the wonderful staff of Imagine College Coaching here.... http://www.imaginecollegecoaching.com/

We also have an online library filled with resources to help you as well as a blog with helpful tips to help you throughout the process.