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It is the first week of school for many of my students.  College Students, High School Students and my middle school students also. 

As I am getting texts from my former students who are experiencing their first days at college it is so exciting!  As my own kids embarked upon new grades, new schools, new teachers etc.... I loved hearing all the details!

I thought it might be helpful to share my first week of school advice for students and parents too.

Find a seat in the first 3 rows.  This is important.  Studies suggest that the closer you sit to where the teacher is teaching, the more engaged you will be and your grades will reflect it.  Sit Close!

Introduce Yourself.  Put yourself in the teacher's shoes.  He/She wants to know you but has literally hundreds of student's to remember.  Help him/her remember you!  Give him/her a big smile, your name, a strong handshake and your name again and something interesting to help him/her remember you.

Get Organized.  You must find a system that works for you and use it!  Make it up if you have to, but get an organizational plan and stick to it.

Make a great impression.  You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression.  Make sure that you are becoming who you really want to be by your words and actions.

Dress for Success!  Seriously, get up, dress up and show up!  You will perform better if you are clean, look decent and not sloppy.  Put a little effort into your appearance and make sure your outward appearance reflects your inward desire to learn and succeed. 

Feed them well. It sounds simple, but takes effort.  Make sure to plan ahead for healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options for your students.  They learn better with good nutrition and a good nights sleep.  You may have to encourage them on this.

Helping teach Time Management Skills.  Our Motto at our house is....Discipline Buys Freedom.  IF IF IF everything is done such as chores, homework etc......then they have earned the freedom for netflix, video games etc......

Remember, the teacher loves teaching but needs encouragement from parents.  If you can find something nice to say, take the time to send an email and say it!

Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint.  Stay focused and stay on a steady pace for real success.  

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