The Cost of College Is Rising




  • The cost of College is Rising!  I wish it wasn't true, but clearly it is. As a College Consultant and a mom of 4, this isn't good news for me.  I don't want to to see these young people with such large financial burdens facing them.  

    Check out this information below.... it is a great article on 88 schools in the States whose cost is over 60K / year.

    So what is a student, a family or a generation to do?  The good thing is you have choices....

    1. Scholarships are Real - Parents frequently ask me if it is even possible to get scholarships? The answer is YES!  However, it isn't for the weak of heart or those who are lacking in the motivation department.  It is possible and it is time consuming!  To learn more, contact us at

    2. Choose something that fits comfortably into your budget.  There are many ways to get to your destination.  I encourage high school students to take dual credit courses it they are offered.  This gives you a significant head start on college credits for an unbelievable price. Often the only cost involved are books.  Starting at a local junior college is a wonderful option as well.  You can work and take classes and slowly move to a larger university to finish your degree.  

    3.  Work for a company who will help you pay for college.  Starbucks has a wonderful program offered to their employees. It is worth checking out.

    4. Be wise.  Know your limits if you are considering student loans, grant and aid.  You don't want to get in over your head with debt.  Be smart, do you homework.  In Texas, there are several interest free loans available and they are a smart way to go if you need a loan.  In addition, they are paid back at 50$ / month.  This is the way to go if you need to borrow money. However, they do require certain grade and testing requirements and have very strict deadlines.  There are many programs across the nation that should be considered.  

    5.  Hire a consultant to help you.  The team at Imagine College Coaching is ready to help.  Spending a little, may help you save a lot.   Contact us today if we can help you through this exciting journey!

    Sherri Graf