keeping your faith strong in College

Sherri Graf / Imagine College Coaching /

No matter what your faith, statistics show that it is wise to have faith during your college years.  Don't be shy about your faith, but instead, take this time to grow in your faith.

Personal Freedom is one of the biggest priveleges in college.  YOU are finally in charge of YOU.  No curfews set by parents, no chores (unless requested by your roommate) and you call all the shots for your personal life.  

It is all very exciting until the temptations and the schedule become to much to balance.  That is where faith enters the scene.  If you grew up in a Christian home, you may be exposed to new ideas and perspectives in the college setting.  These "different" ideas and perspectives may even come from you professors.  Having fun and exploring new things in college is great, but not at the risk of betraying your own values.  

Fortunantly, most college campuses offer campus ministries that help students continue to grow in their faith.  These ministries offer many opportunities such as bible studies, concerts, mission trips, intramural teams and a place to "belong."  Some national ministries I am aware of are Fellowship of Christian Athletes ( you don't have to be an athlete to attend, ) Young Life and most demoninations host a specific ministry on each campus.

Finding a local church is also essential in growing your faith in college.  Having a church support group and the benefit of a "church family " is crucial.  I remember the sweet ladies who often hosted me for lunch after church on Sunday's in college.  Sharon Matchett and Margaret Vandover taught me so much during those Sunday lunches. They never knew it, but I learned valuable lessons in those kitchens.  I am grateful to them still.  

Maybe large groups aren't for you.  I get it.  I do however encourage you to take time to practice your faith.  It will help mold you and shape you.  It will strengthen you in times of trial and guide you as you adventure into uncharted territory.  

The statistics are worth looking at....
Lifeway did a facinating study that is very imformative....

Don't miss that..... 2/3 of them return!  I encourage you to take a step out of your comfort zone and find a place to worship that meets your needs during this time of life.  In a world where social media tells you that you fall short of the standard, find a place to worship.  You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be you!